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XY Find It - Never Lose Anything Again

$69.99 $39.99

You want to give the ultimate James Bond, 007 spy device to someone? This is it. It's a portable tracker that you can put on anything from your keys to your dog to your luggage to your bike. It allows you to see EXACTLY where things are on a map so you never lose anything ever again. A lot of people are putting them on their keychains and purses so they don't lose their keys or purses. It's the perfect stocking stuffer and is just an overall cool device. It's also just a beautiful design, and we love things that are designed well.


Top Reviews

  • Pamela Radcliffe

    For 25 years I have helped my husband look for his wallet. EVERY DAY. No matter what system I tried to introduce him too, what basket was on the counter just for his wallet...was a dismal failure. EVERY DAY FOR 25 YEARS. I gave this XY Find It to him for Christmas. It has been the best two months of my life.

  • Roxie Thompson

    I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a cat GPS that looked way too big for a cats neck. I adopted a new cat and was afraid he might wander too far. I can track him while I'm at home and make sure he stays in the area. If he goes out of range, I can walk the neighborhood and find him.

  • Erin Porter

    This is absolutely amazing! From someone who loses everything this has been a life saver. I have had my XY Find It's for a little over a year now. I have one on all of my keys and one in my wallet. It is zero stress whenever I lose something I just grab my phone (which I hopefully haven’t lost) and hit find. If for some reason I lost my phone then I just grab something with an XY, hit the button twice, and I can find my phone. It was very easy to set up, took less than 10 minuets. It also isn’t too bulky to have on my keychain. It’s almost like another key. I don’t feel like it’s too big to keep in my pocket or anything. I use it to find my car in parking garages, my boyfriend in crowds, and I have put it on my cat (would not recommend) for easy finding. A small downside, if you aren’t close enough to your item then your phone won’t connect to it. Luckily your phone keeps track of the last location it was connected so you can just go straight to that point and it will connect. Overall a would recommend this to anyone. It it a comfort knowing that even when I lose my keys they aren’t really lost, just probably in the dirty clothes bin...again.

  • Audrey Donner

    I tried another brand (disappointing to say the least) before the XY Find It, wow, what a difference. # 1 XY does not drain the battery quickly. #2 the App works very well. #3 I love the ability to share my XY Find It link with family and other devices because yes, I have misplaced my phone and keys at the same time so I had my son active my XY Find It from his phone and within minutes it was located. #4 The community locate feature is one of the BEST features. When someone/anyone with a XY Find It is in the vicinity of your misplaced XY Find It the app notifies you and you get an email/ map location telling you were it is. Great purchase!!!

  • Lin Ruddick

    This was super easy to connect to my phone. I literally just downloaded the app, pushed the button on the XY Find It, and held it close to my phone. That’s it. I’m so impressed by how well this works, I can’t believe I went this long without it. Not only can I find my keys from my phone, but I can find my phone with my keys. Pushing the button on the XY Find It twice makes your phone ring even if it’s on silent. If the battery lasts well, I will be buying a dozen of these or more. Ingenious.

  • Jessica Evers

    I bought this for my 86 year old mother who lives alone since dad passed away. It has saved her so many times, we cannot count. My mom is special with tech though and actually uses this by herself. At 86 years young, I’m proud to say that she is the only one in her retirement home that carries and uses an iPhone daily and stays in touch by texting. We have placed and activated four XY Find Its so far, one in her purse, one on her keys, her wallet, her bible and one on her bulletin board so she can always access the find features for each even if she’s misplaced her phone. The other thing that I appreciate about this product is the company behind it. We once had problems activating her new XY Find Its which started to go dead after two years. My mother praised the friendly customer service specialist who took the time to patiently walk her through the entire process, not once, but twice!