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Vita Brush - Total Restoration That Nourishes, Stimulates, and Naturally Grows Healthy Hair!

$166.65 $99.99

Is your hair looking a little flat and not as voluminous as it used to? Do you leave a trail of hair wherever you go? Is your scalp exposed in places where there used to be thick hair? Up until now, early primitive laser devices have only been made available to hair clubs and salons that charge crazy high fees. Luckily, technology has moved fast in the last few years! Vita Hair is the cutting-edge micro laser technology that blocks the "hair killing" DHT hormone instantly, so you can stimulate NATURAL healthy hair growth. Look and feel younger and regain the youthful look you thought was gone!


Top Reviews

  • Destiny Renee

    I wanted to wait to review this to give my true thoughts on and test it and see the results....this is amaZing my roots have had more volume since using and the massager feels great. I also like that it’s rechargeable so you’re not constantly buying new batteries. This feels good, works amazing, and has a pretty great overall value

  • Traci Mills

    It’s really nice device! My hair are naturally thin plus after a baby i start to loose hair as well, so i am trying everything i can. But I don’t trust all magically Sirums cuz i am nursing. So I tried this massager! First of all it’s really easy to use, you don’t need to prepare anything and waste time, really fast and easy. There is 2 light blue and red and vibrating to stimulate you blood circulation. My hair got all long and thick after a week using it which means blood is running! So i will definitely recommend!

  • Amanda L

    This massager comb is comfortable and easy to use. I like to use it at night because it makes me feel relieved and happy. The massage just works perfect and will not hurt you. I like this product and I will recommend this one. The best thing is my stylist said my hair is looking thicker!

  • Ariana Dotson

    OMG! I like the one . Very helpful my hair and massage my head! Because when I born my boy I still loss my hair a lot. So this one I used a week . Every day I used many time massage my hair and head . So good

  • Stacy Goodrich

    The massager is small and lightweight and fits comfortably in the hand. There is only one vibration mode with average intensity so it doesn't feel discomforting when I use it for longer times. I only use the red light for my hair. I think the blue light is more suitable for skin problem treatments, according to what I read on internet. The battery charge lasts a long time which is a big positive for me.

  • Tiffany Farmer

    I just recently purchased this massage comb and I am loving the experience. It's really easy to use. I love to use it for when my neck is tense from a long day on my computer. It relaxes me right before I go to sleep. I also got it to help stimulate hair growth around my frontal edges. I've only had it for a short while but I love it so far. I will recommend this to anyone looking for an easy to use massage comb.