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Muama Instant Language Translator - Talk To Anyone In Any Language

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Numbers show that more than 95 percent of the world's 7.5 billion people speak only one language. Here language barrier has become one of the greatest obstacles to people deciding to travel or having international business relations. Luckily, scientists have already tackled this universal problem and came up with a revolutionary invention! This tiny portable device allows you to have a real time two-way communication with almost any person on this planet!


Top Reviews

  • Jeffrey Holtzman

    This lightweight translator paired easily with my IPhone 6S. Required a firmware update, which took about 1 minute. The app installation was simple and the clean interface is easy and clean to use. I just returned from Japan last night and found the CM translator very helpful. The tech savvy Japanese were very intrigued by the device and found it easy to understand me. If you are traveling to Japan, China, Korea, Spain or Mexico you will find this a handy device to help with understanding and communicating with the local people. The battery lasted as long as I needed it. It recharges via any USB port with the included magnetic contact to the back of the device. I charged it every night that I used it and therefore do not know how long it will go without a charge. I believe it is more accurate than the other phone based translators and much easier to use as it is a continuous dialogue. Highly recommended.

  • Lucky

    I've seen this product through social media and always thought it was a gimmick, that it was not all that great. I decided to give it a shot and I am glad that I did. Unboxing the product was a breeze and getting it up and running was even easier. It paired right away with the CM translator app and had 70% battery life to play with. The five languages that this product supports is Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Spanish. I could proudly say that the Chinese dialect was on point. The translate was clean and did not give off a robotic voice, it sounded pretty normal. The device does not need to operate with the phone in the app, however, it is nice to be in it when conversing with others because you can see if you said something wrong, resulting in a bad translation. Overall, the product is dead simple to use, accurate, and will surprise many on how useful it can be without pulling out Google translate or other apps on a mobile device!

  • Zhin

    It is so light weight and very easy to use. Do note that it has to be connected to your cell phone constantly using bluetooth since it uses the app on your phone to undertake a real time translation. The translation is fairly accurate and the more you use it, the better it becomes to get used to. I plan to use it for an upcoming trip to Panama City for Spanish to English translation and vice versa. I can understand Spanish a bit but not so fluent, so this will come handy while visiting places lil far away from the city. I will have cell phone data available throughout so should not be an issue for the mobile app. The battery is a real big plus of this device. I can easily keep it going for almost a week if not used regularly between the charges. So, I wonder what kind of battery it used in such a small size. For now German and Italian language support was not included and I have asked the manufacturer if more languages would be supported in the future.

  • Basenjis

    I purchase this little handheld device to use with my Spanish speaking friends and I find it to be very useful. I was able to communicate back and forth. It translate English to 5 different languages (Chinese/Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Thai). It translates sentences quickly and pretty accurately. I still have to figure out how to switch it so it will translate these 5 languages back to English. The app was relatively easy to install and operate, it took me a few minutes to get familiar with it. But device won't work unless you have the app turned on. It has a pretty good battery life and it is so light and small, easy to carry in pocket. It wound't translate accurately with some slang words or terms. LOL But all and all, I am very happy with this little translator and glad I bought it.

  • Noted

    Initially, I was very skeptical about this product and how well it would translate in real-time. However, after trying it out these past couple days, I am very impressed! The translator comes in very nice packaging (similar to the box that Apple uses for their iPhones.) The product itself is a glossy black so it is a fingerprint magnet. It is very light, and it comes with a charger. To use the translator, you need to download an app. Once you open the app, you long-press the translator's button near your phone and it immediately pairs. To test the product, I spoke with my Korean grandparents. It worked very well! There were some instances where the translation was a little off, but the message was simple to figure out. To switch between language translations, you just press a button on the app. I tested the Spanish translations with my parents (both fluent), and it was perfect for every message! The only "downside" I noticed was that whatever you speak into the translator will be translated back as one sentence, even if you spoke multiple sentences with pauses. It is best to speak only one sentence at a time. Overall, I highly recommend this product!

  • Kona

    A small handhels Translator device that is paired with your phone through an App. It has 5 different languages to translate frowm and one of those include spanish. I find this useful on job sites to speak to my contractors for words I don't know, and it is pretty fast. Used it for a couple of days, and it works great. it can get a bit slow when trying to talk to someone because of language barrier, but it definitely gets the job done. It comes with a charger and a small white box similar to what apple gives in their phones, watches, etc. Would definitely recommend this to someone who is looking to travel and use this in their journey.