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SuperBoost WiFi - Longest Range Wifi Booster In Production

$89.99 $49.99

SUPER-BOOST WI-FI is a powerful, efficient, strong WI-FI DEVICE that was developed from a military technology called “signal repeater transmission”. This is the same type of technology that you may have all heard about during the heroic rescue of the Thai Soccer Team that was trapped in a cave. JUST PLUG IT IN. No set-up, no complicated instructions or changes to your existing wi-fi setup. JUST PLUG IT IN, AND THAT’S IT! YOU’RE DONE. SUPER BOOST WIFI INSTANTLY LOCKS ON to the weak Wi-Fi signal in your homes and REBROADCASTS IT AT FULL STRENGTH WHERE YOU NEED IT THE MOST!


Top Reviews

  • Tabatha Shuttleworth

    I now get full bars from WiFi back in my room. I’ve tried changing service, getting a better router, and so many other things and nothing would help my WiFi range. I am extremely pleased with the results. It was also extremely easy to put together and set up

  • Stevie Preiss

    Look around your house and see what runs on your WIFI. Your PC, smartphone, tablet, security system, maybe telephone and TV, multiple streaming devices, coffeemaker, personal assistant, your unwanted guests, and so many more. What put us over the top was out outside surveillance cameras (so be warned to stay away!). At a minimum, they are on all 4 exterior corners of the house. The rear cameras are further away from our router and occasionally they struggled to provide a feed. I plugged this range extender in our screened in porch outlet, and it was easy plug and play connection to our network. Once the cameras were connected with the extender, the streams they provide are clear and seamless.

  • Susan Keller

    In one of the bedrooms, we don't get very good WiFi signal. We have been looking for a device to help us with the WiFi dead spots in our home. There are several areas in our house where we have very good signal. Everyone tends to gravitate and seat in the areas that have good signal strength for the WiFi. We got this WiFi Range Extender. It's super easy to use and I'm happy to say that it works very well. Now that one bedroom gets great WiFi signal and now that room is being used more often. We will probably order another one or two of these devices for some other rooms in the house. With so many computers, tablets and smart phones in the house, this is a must-have.

  • Philip Hoppe

    From everything I can tell, this product does exactly what it says it will do. I was able to set it up as a repeater without ever connecting the ethernet cable simply using the instructions that were provided. It does provide better coverage to a few dead zones in my house.

  • Simeta Wilson

    I was a little skeptical to see if this was gonna work or not. But it absolutely has increased intensity of our Wi-Fi I can go in my living room now and before in my house that was built in 1938 would not work our Wi-Fi that far. This is great!

  • Ashley Wayne

    I live in a town home that has several devices that rely on a good Wi-Fi signal. My children have their laptops for school, my wife has her laptop, cell phone and iPad she needs for her work and I have the same! Not to mention that our household uses Amazon Prime to watch our shows (which also relies on a good Wi-Fi signal). It used to be that all our devices being on the same network slowed down everyone's connection which made things very frustrating! Luckily, I decided to purchase this Wi-Fi range extender/repeater and now there is a strong Wi-Fi signal thought the house and the network is much faster! Now, I don't have to worry that our router is in one room while our devices are in other rooms throughout the town home trying to find a signal. If you need a solution to extend the range of your Wi-Fi, then this little unit is highly recommended!