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Plug N Pure - Removes Dust, Mold, Mildew, and Allergens From Your Home

$89.99 $41.99

The device releases a steady stream of negatively charged ions that electrify pollutants in the air...everything from virus's to allergens that contaminate the air in your home. The electrified particles pick up the negative charge and become strongly attracted to the positive charge of the nano-filters inside the plug. This traps them and permanently removes them from the air, leaving your home's air fresh and pure.


Top Reviews

  • Charlie K.

    I love these mini ozone air purifiers, I have 8 throughout my house, the air just seems sooo much cleaner.. i

  • SB

    have used these several times in properties where there were smokers and they work great getting the smell out.

  • Polly

    Small but does a big job! Great at removing really strong cooking odors in the kitchen I put it right near my stove and it removes all the food smell.

  • Stephanie S.

    This little purifier takes up barely more space than a nightlight, yet delivers powerful air purification. I placed it in my large walk-in closet and I can tell it has purified the whole space easily. It smells so nice and clean in there now whereas before it was quite stale. Highly recommend it - definitely worth the money!

  • Michael Ashton

    So I’ll be honest: the first one I bought was defective and I was disappointed by that but not only did PureAir reach out and provide me with new one but also added a wall plug in as well. They are without a doubt one of the best sellers I’ve ever bought from! I highly recommend! And the new purifier was AWESOME! By far one of the best quality purifier on the market.

  • Janice

    Excellent product and does exactly as advertised. Fantastic for RV's and smaller spaces. Portable and light, so easily taken wherever you might go. Makes a huge difference with ionization and air quality. Worth buying!