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SleepNow - Worlds Most Luxurious Pillow!

$100 $54.95

Luxury pillows that were once exclusively designed for 5 star hotels are now available for delivery straight to your home. Act now and receive a steep discount. Buy more, and save more! Quality sleep improves your concentration and productivity drastically. Lack of sleep could be harmful to your mental and physical health. You could increase your risks of cancer, depression, anxiety, and Alzheimer’s. Being well-rested on a regular basis could lead to long-lasting benefits.


Top Reviews

  • Janice Williams

    I love them!! Not sure how to explain it but when you put your head on them, it doesnt create a hole but at the same time it feels so soft. For me there were two types of pillows: the ones that it feels like your head sinks into them and you prolly need to fold them and make it double so your head stays and the ones that feels like your head is on a pile of wet sand lol, well this is the in between of those two. It doesnt feel heavy on your head but your head wont sink into them either. I would compare it with a foam mattres. The dont flat, once you lift your head it goes back to its regular shape.

  • Annette Anderson

    I have had neck pain for MONTHS; I have tried every kind of pillow imaginable; I was actually shopping on Amazon for “my pillow” and saw the reviews on YOUR pillow; so I decided to give it a try! I’ve only had your pillows a few days BUT my neck pain has improved immensely!!! I HOPE the improvement continues... BTW, these pillows do not have any “odor”...

  • Abbey Clancey

    I LOVE these pillows! Purchased them as a gift for hubby, taking into consideration his recent neck injury requiring surgery. I thought he could use these to prop in bed while watching TV. And I'm sure they would have been perfect for doing so. If I had not started using them myself! I am a side sleeper, currently having to use a pillow between my knees due to surgical repair of a hip fracture. I was previously using a chiropractor 'water' pillow as I could adjust the firmness as needed. It was HEAVY! These pillows are perfect! The quality is amazing, with double stitching to ensure durability. I chose these pillows initially based on lower price based on comparisons. I will be purchasing more to replace the older pillows in 3 other bedrooms. You can't go wrong with these unless you are looking for a flat pillow!

  • BeTrending Customer

    I bought these pillows for my daughter’s first full sized bed. And since she’s still little, I occasionally use them when I’m snuggling up with her. They’re so comfortable! And since we know kids are gross, the fact that they’re machine washable is a huge bonus! They were vacuum packed and folded up when I opened the box and within a minute of opening the plastic, they were fully fluffed up and comfortable. I will be ordering these again for the rest of my kids.

  • Shirley Tinsley

    I noticed the detailed workmanship at first glance; an instant recognition of "made in America" without noticing the label. I ordered these for a guest room, but think I'll use them for my nightly sleep now that I've seen them!

  • Jim Dobson

    I had to replace all my old pillows and found these at a reasonable price. When the packages arrived, they were vacumn sealed and flat. I wasn't sure they would ever expand back to the shape but they surely did. They were plump, soft, feel durable. Thanks to my new Premium Plush Pillows, I slept like a baby last night.