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Parry Blue Blockers - Highest Rated Blue Light Blocking Glasses Available

$120 $59.95

Blue light helps digital screens be energy efficient. But, it can penetrate into the deepest part of your eyes. All the way to the retina. More and more studies show how too much blue light from digital devices can have negative effects. Not just on your eyes, but on your sleep pattern as well.Now for the good news…Blue light blocking computer glasses significantly reduce your exposure. Which helps improve your digital experience.


Top Reviews

  • BeTrending Customer

    These fit really well. I'm 22 years old but I typically run on the smaller side of things (only 5'4"). I wear these glasses regularly, I will also wear them out and about. They have a yellow hue tint to them but it's not bad. One thing I don't care for is that they can't be cleaned with a regular lens cloth, the one they come with only works well for the job. The case has a nice silicon feel to it too. I'd definitely recommend these to anyone who is constantly staring at any type of screen.

  • Rosie Walters

    I got these to see if they would stop the ocular migraines I was getting at work. I am on the computer and under very bright lights throughout the day They worked from the start- no more headaches!

  • Jesse Mazzola

    Very sleek and stylish while being reasonably priced. The Case for the glasses is a smooth design with a very helpful black silk handwipe to clean the lenses. I've never worn glasses before but nowadays I'm in front of a screen so much with building an online store it's only logical to have these glasses for blue light protection. Ironically so, I've always loved Spider-Man growing up so whenever I work on my computer & wear these glasses...I truly feel like Peter Parker.

  • Richard P.

    Blocks blue light as advertised! Light but great build quality, the frames really worked well with me right away. Fellow glasses wearers give them their stamp of approval. I find the tint is in a happy place between not noticable and obvious to on lookers. Nobody thinks I'm wearing anything unusual but if you look close you might see a cool blue reflection from a computer screen or the sky.

  • Dave Benoit

    I've bought 3 different kinds of computer glasses and this is definitely my favorite one. I find it very comfortable, and it as effective or more effective than other ones that I've tried. I liked it well enough to buy a second pair and replace a different pair I had at work.

  • Ashley Wayne

    I live in a town home that has several devices that rely on a good Wi-Fi signal. My children have their laptops for school, my wife has her laptop, cell phone and iPad she needs for her work and I have the same! Not to mention that our household uses Amazon Prime to watch our shows (which also relies on a good Wi-Fi signal). It used to be that all our devices being on the same network slowed down everyone's connection which made things very frustrating! Luckily, I decided to purchase this Wi-Fi range extender/repeater and now there is a strong Wi-Fi signal thought the house and the network is much faster! Now, I don't have to worry that our router is in one room while our devices are in other rooms throughout the town home trying to find a signal. If you need a solution to extend the range of your Wi-Fi, then this little unit is highly recommended!