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Zen Heater - Heat Up Any Room In Under 60 Seconds

$69.99 $35.97

Nobody likes to be cold in their own home, but nobody likes the big bill that comes with heating your whole home either. That's why the Zen Heater was invented. Simply plug it in and wait roughly 1 min and you'll be nice and toasty. And the best part is, it uses less energy than your laptop!


Top Reviews

  • Sylvie

    This little heater works pretty well! I bought it for a little greenhouse we have, where I use to leave food, water and beds for the feral cats and other animals in Fall and Winter. I didn't want to put a big heater there, because the animals could be burned if they touch it, and also because those heaters are very noisy and dangerous; so, this was the perfect solution for me. This heater is not very noisy, I plug it higher, so the animals cannot touch it. Feral cats and other wild animals now can go tom the greenhouse and eat and feel warm and cozy, and also be safe. The heater has a timer, so I don't need to leave the house and turn it off, it stops by itself. Nice buy! I like it!

  • BeTrending Customer

    We purchased this heater as and emergency heater in case our furnace went out and we had to wait for a repair man. We'd just plug it in to a couple key rooms in the house and hunker down. We tried it out with the recent cold Wisconsin weather. My results indicate one unit will keep a 10' x 15' room warm enough to be comfortable. Don't expect it to heat the whole house unless you have a bunch of them. It appears to be the perfect solution for an emergency situation, just hope to not need them.

  • Dennis Shippy

    Given to my wife as a Christmas gift. She loves it. She likes how small it is and how well it heats her craft room. She likes the thermostat.

  • Naly

    Loved it ! Heats up my room very well. Very satisfied with this purchase. My dog loves it too

  • Mary Anne

    We live in cold country. I have a new walkin tub and the alcove sometimes needs extra heat. They have thought of everything with this little heater. It works for sure. Also, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the plug in rotates so that it can be plugged into the outlet at another angle. Would make a great gift too.

  • Michael Bishop

    The instructions say not to use extension cords, but I have to use a surge protector simply because the unit will not fit in any outlets in the house except those in the kitchen and bathroom where I really do not need it. The heater works very well in the rooms where there was little or no heat because the furnace was not working. By the end of the day I usually had to turn off the heater because it was so warm.