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Go Audio Bluetooth Earbuds - The #1 Rated Wireless Air Buds Of 2019

$129.99 $64.98

If you're looking for the best tech on the market, these Go Audio air buds are no joke. Not only have they been rated the #1 wireless ear buds on the market, but they last longer, have better audio, and fit the ears better than the Apple AirPods. We think they're the perfect stocking stuffer or gift because it's something you will use every day, and the quality is absolutely outstanding. They're perfect when you need to talk on the phone while cooking, or going for a long jog or walk. Or even driving. They're currently on the verge of selling out, so get yours before they're gone!


Top Reviews

  • Jenn Landon

    I'm very happy with these earbuds. They came with 4 sizes of ear buds so I was able to find the perfect fit that was comfy and also stayed put. It was easy to connect with my phone. I streamed music while gardening for hours yesterday. The charging unit/case feels durable and fits nicely in my purse. I would recommend these.

  • Anne Colbert

    Purchased these as a gift for my baby brother for his first bikathon. He told me he really enjoyed using these and made the ride much more enjoyable. The Bluetooth feature did not disconnect the entire ride and the volume was easily adjustable even as he was riding. I will ask him again in a few weeks and update if there's any complaints he has

  • Kayla Cywinski

    Wow..The sound is amazing to me. I love the quality of sound that comes out of them. use them mostly for podcasts and music. They work great for both. I’m really impressed!

  • Grace T.

    I really like these as a replacement for my old headphones. The sound is clear and the battery life really does last for several hours after a charge. My only caveat is that the "pairing" sound when the headphones are pairing is really loud and freaked me out the first time I used them. I got used to waiting for it to pair before putting them in my ears. Other than that, I'm paranoid that I'll lose one, but they include different sizes of fittings for ears so that helps a lot. For the price, this is definitely really nice product with several great features and is really convenient to have

  • Chris Strobeck

    Wow these have continued to blow my mind. Battery life, comfort, design and ease of use. I tested a few others for comparison and these are now my favorite by far. My only complaint, which doesn't warrant a star removal is the lack of USB-C.

  • Neil Ernst

    I currently have 3 pairs of bluetooth wireless head phones, but this is my first pair that were individual “ear buds”. These are without a doubt, the best ones I now own! The pairing process was incredibly fast and easy. The sound quality is excellent! They stay in my ears much better than the other pairs of wireless headphones I have. And finally, the price for these headphones is great! Charging is super easy and the charger case is really high quality. I highly recommend these guys!!!