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FIXD - Diagnose Your Own Car

$99.99 $59.99

Fixd was one of the biggest Kickstarter campaigns ever. It's a revolutionary device that allows YOU to know what's wrong with your car before taking it in to a mechanic so they can't take advantage of you ever again. Just plug it into your car, pair the Fixd device with your smart phone, and viola! It tells you EXACTLY what's wrong with your car, no mechanic needed! It's one of our favorite devices we've seen and all of us here at the office got one for our cars. This is truly a holiday hero gift.


Top Reviews

  • Enid

    Great device. I have check engine light on. Already knew it was catalytic issue. When I plugged in device. It informed me that it is the catalytic converter and that it would cost $2000. Was able to clear it. Not repairing this item, and this device allows me to clear the check engine light. Now when the check engine light comes on, I will know exactly why it came on. This device tracks your battery, tires, and windshield wipers. Also, let's you know what maintenance is needed by your mileage. MY CAR IS A 2001 SUZUKI ESTEEM. Great Product for women to have, since mechanics love to rip off women.

  • BeTrending Customer

    If you have a check engine light on this neat device lets you know in detail what is wrong. It is more accurate than any parts store diagnostic check. I highly recommend it especially is you have a few miles on your vehicle. Mine has 313,689.

  • Mario Burgos

    We have an old Kia Sedona which my wife drives and one day the vehicle started jerking. Six months ago, we paid about 1400 when the dread engine light came up. This time I got an estimate of another $1400. So, I decided to buy FIXD, not to repair the car my self since I am not mechanically inclined, but to gain a little knowledge about the condition of the vehĂ­cle and at least to know if the mechanic was being fair. To my horror, FIXD gave me about 8 errors, but fortunately, it came down to two parts which were sending the wrong signal to the valves. The parts cost was 160 en the labor was not that challenging. Now, the problem is gone. Total, including FIXD, $220.00, a far cry from the $1400 the the shop wanted to charge. This is a little thing that lives to the hype. I am glad that I bought it because, for now, and on, I will have more control over the repair of my cars and save a lot of money by being better informed. The device only addresses errors for which the car has sensors, but the errors it reports are very important and most shops have problems with this kind of errors, or they charge a lot of money to fix them.

  • Andrew

    If you decide to read this review, God bless your soul. You will get a real life experience out of this review and an honest opinion! I originally saw an add for this product while watching a YouTube video and thought to myself "This is nice, I actually need a code reader." The add intrigued me, so I watched the full ad. I saw that you could connect your smartphone and I thought that was AMAZING! Other code readers that offer this feature cost a TON of $, and a basic code reader costs $30ish. So I figured, what the heck, to be able to use my smartphone as the screen this is worth it. I purchased this item two days ago and received it today, October 2nd of 2018. I plugged it into my 2006 Mustang and saw that I was getting a lean code in Bank 1 and Bank 2, after further investigating on the "FIXD" app, you can see common possible solutions to your problem. It also tells you how much it may cost for the parts and or labor if you took your car to a shop for them to fix it. Although I haven't fixed my Mustang issue, I did fix my girlfriends 2012 VW Jetta! She has had a "Check Engine" light for quite a few days now, so buying this code reader allowed me to diagnose the problems not only on my car, but other peoples car. After adding her car to the app and reading the code, I found out that there was something throwing off the air to fuel mixture. It told me a few common problems, but the one that stuck out to me the most was that the MAP sensor needed replaced (Only because I have some prior knowledge about this)! So I started there and figured "Why not try to clean it with MAF sensor cleaner instead of buying a new one to fix the issue?" So that's exactly what I did, an hour or so later I was finished (VW's are very different to work on and I'm not a fan of it, but I did it). I cleared the code with the FIXD code reader, turned on the car and drove it around for a while and the code hasn't come back since! At the end of the day, for a $60 code reader that you can connect to your smart phone, it was totally worth it. If you are a DIY person this will be a great purchase for you, and it will save you a lot of money! I don't regret it one bit, and there are many more features to the app than I could even describe. If I were you, and you needed a code reader, watch a video on this product and purchase it ASAP! With the FIXD code reader and YouTube combined, you're set up for success, end of story. FIXD IS A GREAT BUY, 5/5 STARS, WOULD RECOMMEND!!

  • David Norman

    I like the product. Its simple and easy for anyone to use. I have a young son that loves to fix his own stuff and I explained how many parts on the car engine can have the same symptom and with out a code you will spend a lot of money changing parts until you find the correct problem. My Example is car runs great warms up to 150 deg then stalls. Well that could be bad fuel pump, bad crank sensor, bad egr valve, bad idle air control valve or a few other problems. As you can see the list is a costly one all with the same symptom. Plugged your devise in and wala shows a code and describes the heat temperature sensor is bad. $ 19 part 10 minutes to change and back in business. No $ 100 dollar tow truck. No $ 65 dollar diagnostic charge no $95 dollar part and $150 dollar labor charge. The average person would have called the tow truck had them scratch the car and two days later received a bill for three to five hundred dollars. Buy this product it will save the average person with basic mechanical skills a ton of money and aggravation. If you cant use tools at least you will know what the possible problem is before you send it to the mechanic so you don't get ripped off.

  • P. Kean

    So far, The Fixd OBD-ll Active Car Health Monitor has been just as advertised. It charted a problem with my engine and then allowed me to clear the trouble code so that I could look and see if the problem resurfaced again. I would recommend this product because of the simplicity to install and operate and also for the ability to leave inserted so that the engine computer can be analyzed as in my case a sporadic cylinder misfire that did not register a staying trouble code, meaning, when the trouble code was generated, it disappeared when the engine warmed up and the problem subsided and did not appear on an initial code reader.