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Breathe Green - All Natural Bamboo Charcoal Air Filters

$19.99 $7.99

Beautifully stitched linen bags containing extremely porous bamboo charcoal. For added convenience a metal grommet is embedded in the upper left corner. Place the Breathe Green Eco-Friendly Charcoal Bags in numerous locations such as your car, closet, bathroom or any enclosed areas in your home and office. Removes toxins from the air, trapping them inside. Unlike Febreze which ADDS toxins to your air!


Top Reviews

  • Patricia Dotan

    I normally dont write reviews, but these are really amazing. I got these in the mail yesterday and put one in each room in my downstairs. We have two dogs and sometimes the house gets smelly and musty no matter how much I clean. I noticed it first thing this morning when I walked down stairs. I had no odors at all, only fresh clean air. Almost like after it rains. I'm ordering more to put upstairs now.

  • BeTrending Customer

    I have dogs and frankly my little yorkie rescue still has housetraining issues. I put 2 bags in the gameroom downstairs and 2 out in the sun room and within hours the pee/poop smell was gone. My daughter came over last night and commented how pleasant it was to sit in the sunroom. No doggie smell. And this was with the sliding doors closed all day and the afternoon sun blasting the room. Great product! Love the fact there in nothing artificial that could cause damage to the dogs.

  • Patty

    Great product eliminates dog ordor between baths. You can also put charcoal order eliminate anywhere you need them. I share some with a few friend to try it out.

  • SLS

    I saw this in my friends' bathroom which used to always have a moldy smell and I was very impressed by how the bag was able to control moisture and odor. I have in in the car, bathroom and bedroom and I can notice the difference in all the spaces.

  • Linda Yao

    Great product eliminates dog ordor !

  • Iwonka D Ignasiak

    I got one for a musty sewing machine but likely that ancient thing needs a few of these but also one for my car and there it has worked well. Saving the others for later use.