52 Marvelous Memes That Capture Parenthood Perfectly

52 Marvelous Memes That Capture Parenthood Perfectly


Parenting is no joke. It’s a critical part of the human experience, but it’s also the hardest job you’ll ever have – and guess what? It’s unpaid.

From the cutest moments to the craziest, and the most rewarding to the downright repulsive, here are 52 hilarious parenting memes that capture what the experience is all about…

#1. Here’s to the moment you realize you’ve created a baby monster…

#2. At some point in every father’s life comes the evolution of dad-humor. Phil Dunphy is arguably TV’s greatest dad – and is a veritable dad-joke phenom.

#3. SUGAR IS TRULY A DRUG! …Only a parent can truly understand why.

#4. Parents must be super-human, reaching new levels of exhaustion and taking on unbelievably epic struggles…

#5. Often only to be mocked by the little bundles of joy they’ve created! (That’s Kourtney Kardashian mocking her mom, Kris Jenner).

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