Does Taylor Swift’s Ever-Evolving Fashion Reflect Her Relationships?

Does Taylor Swift’s Ever-Evolving Fashion Reflect Her Relationships?


Have you ever noticed that just as Taylor Swift seems to bounce from man-to-man, her style seems to evolve to match the mood, as well? Just as she penned a new song for each of her rumored beaus, she seems to change-up her look for each relationship she begins. From Taylor-Squared to Tom Hiddleston, here are the looks she’s pulled off to match her man of the moment.

So, Taylor, which one is the real you?

#1. Back in July 2008, Taylor and Joe Jonas were the A-List couple of the moment!

#2. Prior to their break-up, Taylor’s look can be described as flirty and feminine. She’s even wearing ballet flats! Their romance ended by October.

#3. On to her next romance, in August 2009, came Taylor-Squared. Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner made a pair of adorable lovebirds.

#4. Here she is in a simple, feminine halter dress, alongside her hunky man! Her style can be described as young and sweet – perfectly fitting for their young-loved romance. It ended in November 2009.

#5. Soon after – still in November of ’09! – came a brief dalliance with John Mayer, that seemed to leave the starlet devastated when it ended after 3 months. Taylor’s hair and wardrobe were always styled to a “T” during this high pressure fling.

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