A Star-Studded Look at the Top Make-Up Trends of 2016!

A Star-Studded Look at the Top Make-Up Trends of 2016!


What do you have in store for your beauty regimen this Summer 2016? All the latest trends are in, and now it’s time for you to make your verdict… from skin, nails and hair, to loud-mouthed lips and eyes embellished with glitter, there’s plenty to choose from in 2016.

Take a peek at these looks, modeled by some of our favorite celebrities, to see which ones you’ll be trying out this season, to keep your beauty looking fresh.

#1. Beginning with skin, because the foundation to beauty is a gorgeous palette, it’s the dewey, natural look making a comeback in 2016.

#2. Here is Kendall Jenner displaying nontouring – a soft, feminine alternative to contouring,

#3. Kim Kardashian utilizes a technique called sandbagging here. The look involves coating extra loose powder under your eyes and around your chin to keep your skin shine-free.

#4. Fake freckles are a brand new, super-fun trend for 2016! Kendal Jenner has never looked cuter!

#5. Rashida Jones also freckles look so good! You can buy yourself a ‘freckle pencil’ to style your own look, if you want.

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