People Vs. Music Festivals: 30 MUSIC FESTIVAL WINS!

People Vs. Music Festivals: 30 MUSIC FESTIVAL WINS!


Music festivals are undeniably a ton of fun – and they’re also a haven for letting loose and getting just a little bit crazy. You’re free to roam in nature with zero responsibilities, great music, friends, and a wide variety of ‘substances’ to choose from. The only problem is, throw in some mud, port-o-potties, and just a little too much booze, and even the best time can turn into total freak show!

Check out these 30 people who took their partying a bit too far… and were totally owned by music festivals! Music festivals: 1, People: 0.

#1. We should all raise our glasses to the chick who took tree-hugging to the next level at Ultra. This video went viral – she’s now famous for hooking up with a tree.

#2. Call it a hunch, but this guy looks miserable! Paranoid or asleep? Either way, he became the central figure of a trash-art installation.

#3. It doesn’t look like she’s headed for a soft landing, and she’s totally losing her bottoms in the process… HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN?

#4. Trust NOBODY and always remember that your friends are just waiting for the opportunity to cover you in garbage!

#5. No one wants to have to wake up this way… SMH.

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