30 UGLIEST Looks From The 70’s!

30 UGLIEST Looks From The 70’s!


One look at these photos, and you’ll be proud not to have been a product of the 70’s! And if you were born in the 70’s? Shame on you! These looks are gross. All we can say is, we weren’t there… but it looks like it was a truly awful time.

Have a look at some of the worst things to happen to fashion since… ever. Seriously, who knew the 70’s were so vile?!

#1. This is the ugliest atrocity to ever be worn on a foot.

#2. Is this a joke?! Granny panties were invented in the 70’s?

#3. We can’t leave out the men. They got some special, stylish Manties, as well.

#4. Finally – a familiar sight. Unfortunately, I’m still not liking what I’m seeing.

#5. Terry cloth came out of the seventies, too? More like terry turn-off.

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