30 Best And Worst Fashion Trends From The ’60’s!

30 Best And Worst Fashion Trends From The ’60’s!


Are you a fashion-lover? Then you’ve surely noticed that some retro-inspired fashion has hit the runways – and photoshoots, for that matter. Before you jump to a conclusion on the matter, you might want to take a look at what the 1960’s actually had to offer, to see whether or not you’d like these looks to make their way to your closet… or if they already have!

So, here they are – 30 of the best and worst looks from the Sixties.

#1. First things first, Jackie Kennedy was a fashion icon for women in the early sixties – from her famous pink pant suits, to oversized glasses and pillbox hats! Mono-color outfits in shades that resembled sherbert were all the rage.

#2. Take note of the gaudy, oversized glasses, the bubble-flip hairstyle, and the high necklines on these women.  Even though the photo is black and white, don’t be fooled – they were probably in bright, gaudy, and clashing colors!

#3. Men opted for mod suits – which were inspired by British fashion (…the Beatles) – and featured shorter jackets. Women also began to have shorter hemlines (hello, miniskirt!) and, as you can see, were making their way towards shorter hairstyles, as well.

#4. Of course, the Beatles were a large part of what made the mod style fashionable. Check out their turtlenecks and their shaggy “mop top” hairstyles – major 60’s trends.

#5. Poofy hairdo’s and chunky, gaudy jewelry! But now, let’s get to the make up of the time… Don’t be fooled: as great as she looks, Betty Draper would never be a gogo dancer.

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