28 Fashion Runway Fails… and Falls.

28 Fashion Runway Fails… and Falls.


What could be more mortifying than falling on a catwalk? You’re all done up, literally on display for a crowd… and then you take a spill. Definitely not a picture perfect moment.

Here are some of the world’s most elegant women who faced a total nightmare: falling on the runway! But when you see the shoes they have to wear, you won’t blame them!

#1. This is a major spill, but look at those shoes! And you have to admit, the picture is striking.

#2. Ouch! With her ankle at that angle, it’s surprising she could get back up at all.

#3. Now this is an action shot.

#4. Suddenly there are arms and legs everywhere!

#5. She’s just showing off her lovely make up job to the crowd, right? Wrong. She’s goin’ down.

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