47 Fashion Must-Haves for Middle-Aged Women In 2016

47 Fashion Must-Haves for Middle-Aged Women In 2016


On the opposite side of the spectrum from Kris Jenner, who better to give us a lesson in classy, age-appropriate dressing than Cate Blanchett? The esteemed actress is an icon for women of a certain age, always demonstrating a sophisticated and elegant look.

So now, for some fashion forward tips to dressing age-appropriately, let’s turn to Cate!

#1. Here’s a glance at Cate Blanchett’s classy style, featuring understated elegance, rich fabrics and muted colors.

#2. Her neutral getup helps draw the emphasis to her natural beauty. In the simplest of outfits, she still looks stunning.

#3. She doesn’t offer up superficial quotes or cheap jokes, instead, Cate Blanchett shares words of wisdom!

#4. She totally channels Claire Underwood from House of Cards in this shot – but no, that’s not Robin Wright. Cate Blanchett must have been the fashion inspiration for the character!

#5. When about to melt down, cry your tears into a martini… add on a pair of pearl earrings and sunglasses? Problem solved.

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