25 Beautiful Celebs With and Without Makeup

25 Beautiful Celebs With and Without Makeup


Celebrities are some of the world’s most beautiful people – at least, the best looking people we’ve ever seen.  And when you’re a celebrity, looking good is part of the job, especially when you’re in the public eye.

This is why so many A-listers have a top-notch team of stylists and make-up artists to help them look their best for public appearances – not to mention the wonders of airbrushing and Photoshop.  But sometimes the paparazzi manage to sneak pictures of our favorite celebs when they aren’t prepared, and the resulting photos will shock you!

Here are 25 of Your Favorite Celebrities – with and without make up!

#1. The beautiful Mila Kunis all done up – and totally dressed down.


#2. Katy Perry, is that really you?!

#3. I’m guessing this is a much younger Kim Kardashian…

#4. So, here’s a second photo!

#5. This is model Kate Upton like you’ve never seen her.

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