35 Celebrities You Would Never Know That Went Broke - Part 5

35 Celebrities You Would Never Know That Went Broke



#21. Courtney Love, the widow of one of the most iconic musicians of our time – Kurt Cobain, apparently found herself in a world of debt when she finally came to after mourning the loss of her husband… Love claims to have been robbed of their fortune by music industry insiders.

#22. Comedian Chris Tucker was once one of the highest paid Hollywood actors after his role in Rush Hour 3! He still ended up in a state of financial crisis due to the $11 million he owed the IRS. He sold multiple homes to avoid bankruptcy.

#23. Yet another boxer, Evander Holyfield, made a mess of his finances! After selling his 109-room mansion to Rick Ross, he attempted to pay off his debts. Grand total? $14 million to JP Morgan, $500k in child support, and $200k to the IRS.


#24. Jose Conseco, former MLB star who was busted for steroid use and then outed tons of other players, had to declare bankruptcy in 2012 – blaming the IRS for his financial woes. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to stick it to ‘the man’ – even when you used to be a legendary MLB-hitter!

#25. This is another story of medical tragedy: actor Gary Busey suffered a major head injury with some long-term medical complications. This has left him a million-dollars in debt, due to medical bills.

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