35 Celebrities You Would Never Know That Went Broke

35 Celebrities You Would Never Know That Went Broke


Imagine what it must feel like to be a celebrity… it must feel like you’re on top of the world! Suddenly, you’ve struck it rich. You’re renowned worldwide, you’re swarmed by fans and paparazzi when you leave your home, and, to top it all off, it’s your own face you see, gracing the covers of magazines, billboards, and movie trailers!

But no matter what it feels like, just because you made it, doesn’t mean that you can’t lose it! What happens when a celebrity’s ego gets bigger than his means? Or when Hollywood’s “it-girl” becomes yesterday’s news overnight? Unless you play your cards right, fame can be fleeting – and some of our favorite stars have forgotten that.

Remember how Kanye recently tweeted about being something like $50 mil in debt? Well, to bring the point home, here are 35 celebrities that actually went broke:

#1. Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, has a reputation for being a successful businessman… but unbeknownst to the American public, his corporate entities actually declared bankruptcy on FOUR separate occasions.

#2. It’s hard to determine when exactly Lindsay Lohan finally hit rock bottom, but 2012 would be a good guess – when the IRS froze her bank accounts due to over $200k in owed taxes!

#3. Lena Heady, the beautiful but incestuous Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones, once had only $5 to her name – thanks to a bitter divorce and nasty custody battle.

#4. Can this possibly be true?! Heidi and Spencer Pratt allegedly believed they needed to spend all of their cash before 2012 hit, in a doomsday-like prediction that was not grounded in reality. Like, at all.

#5. Legendary Willie Nelson, who unfortunately passed away last year, had to declare bankruptcy in 1990 due to whopping $16 million in owed taxes… but guess what? He made back his debt with an equally impressive turnaround! Yeah, Willie!

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