40 Celebrity Breakdowns That Were Due to Mental Illness!

40 Celebrity Breakdowns That Were Due to Mental Illness!


Let’s take a look at that so-called connection between mental illness and creativity. You might be surprised to learn just how many stars suffer from psychiatric symptoms! Keeping in mind that a tiny percentage of the population suffers from severe mental illness, estimated around 3.3%, it does seem suspicious that our favorite, creatively-inclined celebrities appear to be drawn from such a small pool…

Turns out, Hollywood has set its sights on more than a few exceptional individuals who are anything but ordinary, and perhaps it’s the pressure of  the industry – combined with being in the spotlight 24/7 – that causes so many celebrities to crack under pressure.

Check out these stars with famously creative temperaments, who’ve battled mental illness their whole lives; who’ve survived years of treatment and full-blown nervous breakdowns. We’ll be sure to respect their struggles before ever judging them again!

#1. Amanda Bynes’ public breakdown began in 2011 and resulted in her eventual psychiatric hospitalization, where she is rumored to have received a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. The young star has retired from Hollywood, and has been stable on medication ever since.

#2. In 2012, Mel Gibson’s fall from grace occurred after news of his bigoted comments and misogynistic behavior went public. His erratic behavior, since revealed to be caused by a nervous breakdown, continues to cause the now stable actor a great deal of shame.

#3. Demi Lovato was hospitalized after a fight with a back-up dancer, and was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. She also suffered from Bulimia and Anorexia at the time. She has advocated on behalf of those afflicted by mental illness. She’s a true inspiration to us all – talk about resiliency!

#4. Rob Kardashian’s mental illness was seen firsthand on KUWTK. Always known among family members for having a propensity towards rage, the severe depression he has since developed has resulted in his removal from the show and is the cause of his marked weight gain.

#5. Winona Ryder did an incredible job in the film, Girl, Interruptedbut did you know the starlet spent some time inpatient herself? Following her break-up from then-fiance, Johnny Depp, Winona received treatment for her depression and anxiety after suffering a breakdown.

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