30 Freaky Pics of Celebs With No Teeth!

30 Freaky Pics of Celebs With No Teeth!


Who’s the genius that decided to check out what famous celebrities would look like… without teeth?! That’s right! This ode to dental hygiene is definitely good for a few laughs – and once and for all, let’s hear it for veneers!

The latest internet sensation has been to photoshop photos of all our favorite A-listers to see what they’d look like toothless. Before you judge, have a look – the results are just hilarious. The moral of the story is that your teeth are a very important fashion accessory, so let this be a testament to the importance of dental health!

Check out these 30 hilarious and sometimes creepy photos of celebs without their pearly whites – and then if you haven’t already, make an appointment with your dentist… pronto.

#1. For once, let’s save the best for first. Check out what Lindsay Lohan and Sofia Vergara look like toothless… Whose worse in your opinion? Our vote is with Ms. Vergara.

#2. Even the adorable Demi Lovato somehow manages to look like Mrs. Potato Head without her chompers.

#3. The lovely Jennifer Garner falls somewhere on the spectrum between a baby and a heavy meth user in this crazy photo.

#4. This photo of Taylor Swift is a testament to the importance of both teeth and eyebrows.

#5. Ellen Degenres is proof that a little dental care goes a long way.

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