31 Celebrities Whose Teeth Transformed Their Entire Look!

31 Celebrities Whose Teeth Transformed Their Entire Look!


If you haven’t already, book your dentist appointment STAT, because having perfect teeth is a serious status symbol. Historically, it’s been a sign of the upper class, but even today, Hollywood stars’ll go to great lengths to get that dazzling smile of bright-white teeth.

Plenty of the stars are trading in their natural set for sparkling white veneers – but why? Veneers are no joke – they’re brutally painful to get, and they’re not cheap. Plus, once you get ’em, there’s no going back – the process involves filing down your natural teeth to stumps! So why on earth would anyone choose to undergo dental torture willingly?

If you really want to know, take a look at these next 31 photos. These 31 celebrities prove why that toothy, white smile is so seriously sought after – you won’t believe the transformative power of some dental work.

#1. Can you believe the before picture (on the right) is the very same Cristiano Ronaldo we all drool over today?!

#2. Gross! You’ll notice there’s no after picture… that’s because he hasn’t gotten them fixed. Would you kiss someone with a mouth that gnarly?!

#3. Mel C from the Spice Girls, everyone. Talk about a makeover! She went from something else to smokin’ hot.

#4. Not another one! Here’s soccer stud David Beckham, way before Victoria Beckham got her hands on his teeth. (Thanks for that, by the way!)

#5. It’s heartening to see that Lindsay Lohan took care of that cesspool in her mouth… but knowing it was there still kinda ruins it, huh?

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