32 Beautiful Celebrities Who Aged Horribly

32 Beautiful Celebrities Who Aged Horribly


As a young lady I can admit that I am constantly looking into products to prevent aging and tips to help myself age gracefully. Who really wants to get old… I think we all want to stay in our prime forever – right?! 

Well that is not reality and I know I am not the only person thinking about aging because the anti-aging market is estimated to be worth 191.7 billion globally.

These next 32 celebrities either thought they had some magical anti-aging powers, gave up and don’t care anymore, or obsessed too much on their youth and Hollywood that they messed up their looks for good. Whatever the case may be I don’t think any of us imaged these once beautiful stars would age the way they did.

#1. Brigitte Bardot

I don’t think anyone saw this coming: this is Brigitte Bardot she was one of the best known sex symbols of the 1950s and 1960s.

#2. Pamela Anderson

Things have changed dramatically for this previous Baywatch Babe – her choice in makeup is a way too harsh for her age. It makes her look older and more weathered than she actually is.

#3. Keith Richards

It appears that Keith Richards never stopped partying.

#4. Lil’ Kim

This rapper looks like she got stung by a bee – someone call 911!

#5. La Toya Jackson

This sister of deceased Michael Jackson and former pop singer – is she plastic surgery sister’s with number 4? She looks like she is going for a clown look now.

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