33 Celebs With UNBELIEVABLE Weight Loss

33 Celebs With UNBELIEVABLE Weight Loss


Once and for all, we need to have a look at the stars and what they’re doing to their bodies. Hollywood and the fashion industry receive a lot of criticism for allegedly promoting the underweight body type as the ideal, and the result of this has been celebrity weights yoyo-ing back and forth between extremes.

Blame it on their casting directors, stylists or the latest trending diet, but first take a look and see for yourself! What do you think?

#1. Nicole Ritchie didn’t just transform her body – she transformed her entire life! She reformed her bad girl ways, lost too much weight, gained a little back, and then got married and had kids.

#2. Lindsay Lohan has been constantly in crisis for years, ever since her partying got out of control in Hollywood.

#3. Jessica Simpson has been open about how the industry caused her to have an unhealthy fixation with her weight. These days, she looks healthy and happy again, and has a beautiful family to show for it.

#4. Jared Leto is a renowned playboy and is totally pulling off that look on the right, but he seems like a genuinely weird guy.

#5. Missy Elliott looks amazing! That hard work paid off!

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