50 WORST Photoshop Fails Revealed!

50 WORST Photoshop Fails Revealed!


Sometimes it’s a relief to know that celebrities aren’t quite as perfect as they seem. After all, they’d have to be superhuman to live up to the standard of perfection these days! Still, some stars really are just as gorgeous as they look. If ever in doubt of Photoshop being the culprit for some inhumanly beauty, look for warped lines in the background – these are the telltale signs that someone has been up to some secret photo-tampering…

Have a look at these next 50 Photoshop Fails – and liberate yourself from the impossible standards put forth by the media!

#1. If you’re a Sex & The City fan, you must remember Carrie’s cover: “40 and Fabulous?” Looks like Britney Spears had a near-miss herself.

#2. To be fair, Harry Styles was probably a teenager at the time…

#3. Gwen Stefani is still a goddess, but it’s hard to tell what’s real anymore…

#4. Oh please – that’s something a good night’s sleep would fix. Eva Mendes is always cover-ready!

#5. Taylor Swift looks cute as a button – and about twelve years old – in the photo on the left.

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