42 PAINFULLY Awkward Family Photos!

42 PAINFULLY Awkward Family Photos!


O-M-G. Some families are so awkward… and weird. And just when you think you’ve finally escaped your own? Time to meet your in-laws! Ew. Barf. But such is life.

Turns out, it can be worse! Here are 42 family photos so awkward they’ll leave you feeling downright grateful for the families you’ve got.

Let the freak show begin!

#1. Animals are often considered part of the family, but this is… new. Brownie points for creativity in this lovely portrait of the dog.

#2. He’s insane. Literally. He’s quite possibly a serial killer.

#3. Before you judge, think about it: the cat is the looker in the family… other than the goofy leg position, the cat’s the only normal part of the photo.

#4. Totally relating to that buzzkill on the right.

#5. And little does she know there’s a war being waged behind her…

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