26 Famous Actors You Had No Idea Were Once Child Stars!

26 Famous Actors You Had No Idea Were Once Child Stars!


Some stars are like fine wine… they just get better with age! There’s such a taboo around ‘child actors’ in Hollywood that we forget to take notice when the stars beat the odds and make a lifelong career out of it. For every child actor who fell victim to the curse, it turns out there are plenty more who’ve made a successful career in Hollywood from their acting roots.

Keep reading to see which of your favorite celebrities have been in the business for years – plus, they were pretty cute as kids!

#1. Angelina Jolie must be one of the most successful child actresses ever. Her first movie role was alongside her dad, Jon Voigt. Look how cute!

#2. It’s hard to believe that pint-sized Robert Downey Jr. would later become the ever-sassy Iron Man!

#3. Anna Paquin wasn’t just an adorable child actress… she won an Acadmy Award for her role in The Piano! Wow!

#4. Could Elijah Wood have been any cuter? He was actually in the movie Back to the Future!

#5. We all should know by now that Drew Barrymore was the adorable little girl in E.T. Just in case you’d forgotten, take a peek. So cute!

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