27 Celebs Who’ve Insured Their Body Parts! - Part 5

27 Celebs Who’ve Insured Their Body Parts!


#21. As for the man who inspired young Miley? Gene Simmons and his million-dollar tongue. Barf.

#22. And of course, the butt that broke the internet. Kim Kardashian’s booty is insured for its weight in gold – $21 million!!

#23. These illustrious locks can be seen blowing in the wind up and down the football field, giving Troy Polamalu the bright idea to keep them insured for $1 million.

#24. DEAR GOD, NOOOO! Taylor Swift’s crazy cat scratched her $40 million legs!

#25. Adam Lambert, the reigning champ of all Idol runner-ups, got those vocal chords insured for $47 million.

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