27 Celebs Who’ve Insured Their Body Parts!

27 Celebs Who’ve Insured Their Body Parts!


When your breadwinner happens to be attached to your body, what’s an ever-resourceful celebrity to do?! You don’t honestly think they’d walk around risking damage to their lucrative limbs without some sort of protection, do you? That’s just not good for business.

Here are 27 celebrities who’ve found the solution – they’re rumored to have insured their money-making parts!

#1. Rumored pay-off from the insurance policy on J. Lo’s buttocks? $27 million.

#2. And That butt there, belonging to Kylie Minogue, is reportedly insured for $5 million.

#3. Daniel Craig’s Bond-worthy bod was insured for $9.5 million due to the dangerous stunts he was expected for perform while filming Quantum of Solace.

#4. Heidi Klum’s legs are allegedly insured for $2 million apiece.

#5. Check out the stems on Cristiano Ronaldo! Those bad boys are insured for $144 million.

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