26 Stars That Smoke… And Toke! - Part 5

26 Stars That Smoke… And Toke!


#21. Amanda Bynes could even be spotted smoking mid-breakdown. She was reportedly once arrested after throwing a bong out her window.

#22. Does it surprise you to know that this self-proclaimed bad girl, Rihanna, enjoys a smoke every now and again? It seems somehow fitting, but maybe because she’s naturally smokin’ hot.

#23. Didn’t Carrie quit smoking during Sex and the City? Apparently Sarah Jessica Parker didn’t take that leap – even when her character did.

#24. Upon second thought, Cameron Diaz does seem the type when you think about it. With goofball humor and a famous laugh, we’re sure she’s been at it for years!

#25. While Keira Knightley managed to keep her secret on the down-low for some time, the news it out. She, too, is a smoker!

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