26 Stars That Smoke… And Toke! - Part 4

26 Stars That Smoke… And Toke!


#16. The Olsen twins are truly identical, right down to their addictions.

#17. Jennifer Aniston was officially voted the Sexiest Stoner! We bet she’d be fun to hang out with, but she probably eats superfoods when she has munchies.

#18. Lana Del Rey even smokes while onstage! The dark, sultry singer had better take care of those pipes, though, because her voice is killer.

#19. Hayden Panettiere smokes too – never saw that one coming. She was a Hollywood younger who recently had a baby of her own! What is it with young moms and smoking these days?

#20. Hilary Duff is another young momma whose got a filthy habit to break. Surely she doesn’t smoke around her son Luca, though.

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