26 Stars That Smoke… And Toke! - Part 2

26 Stars That Smoke… And Toke!


#6. And the same can be said for Ms. Miley Cyrus herself. This little rebel was spotted puffing away on an outdoor balcony. P.S. – nice hair!

#7. Miley’s also been known to light up during concerts! Judging from her outfit, you can tell she’s a fan of the ganja.

#8. Someone should really tell Emma Roberts about the aging properties of cigarette smoke! There’s no reason to look older prematurely, is there?

#9. Here’s Zayn Malik with his own smokey treat on display!

#10. Here’s a sight we never imagined we’d see. It’s Charlize Theron smoking out of an apple pipe! We all know what that means…

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