26 Stars That Smoke… And Toke!

26 Stars That Smoke… And Toke!


Green living and health-conscious lifestyles are totally trending right now… which is why it’s surprising to see so many famously healthy celebrities smoking! You won’t believe all the stars that smoke – and toke – from Disney Stars to Hollywood’s elite. What could possibly be their reasoning? Only one thing is certain – no star is exempt from looking goofy mid-puff.

Have a look at 26 stars that almost make smoking look hot (but mostly not) as they’re caught on camera mid-smoke!

#1. It’s surprising to see the famously baby-faced starlet, Selena Gomez, smoking away on a cig! That so not Disney… is it?

#2. Does Madonna let her own daughter, Lourdes, smoke cigarettes? Or could this be the very shot that exposed young Lourdes’ vice to her mom?

#3. Here’s Kristen Stewart puffing on something other than a cigarette…

#4. Holy smokes! Even Taylor Swift indulge in the nasty habit.

#5. Justin Bieber is hardly a role model for his young fans. Here he is sending them some smoke signals of his own making.

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